Prima Purity – Application and Usage

Description: Prima Purity is an eco-friendly interior cleaner and protectant spray. Prima Purity safely removes dirt, dust, and grime and leaves your interior with a matte finish. It cleans and protects without the shine!

Where to use:

  • Dash
  • Door panels
  • Seats (leather or cloth)
  • Carpet
  • Kick panels
When to use: When an interior vehicle area becomes dusty or oily, or just to maintain the clean, supple feel of your vehicle interior. Prima Purity is an exceptionally safe solution to revive and protect your vehicle interior.

How to use:

  1. Spray 1-2 sprays of Prima Purity directly onto panel or microfiber towel
  2. Wipe dry using a clean/dry microfiber
  3. Enjoy your sparkling clean interior!
  4. (optional) For a shiny look, follow up with Prima Nero vinyl, leather and rubber conditioner / protectant

Pro tips:
Store Prima Purity in a cool, dry environment
Prima Purity is not intended for use on:

  • Instrument clusters
  • Gas / Brake / Clutch pedals (may become slippery)
  • Painted panels ie: hood, fenders, headlights, bumper, doors, roof
  • Plastic
  • Chrome
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