Prima Hydro – Application and Usage

Description: Prima Hydro is part three of the 3-Step Hydro System, it’s an eco-friendly wash and wax maintenance system. Prima Hydro is the last step to safely remove excess wax, streaks, hand prints. The formula is highly enhanced with polymer wax to ensure an unbelievable shine.

Where to use: Exterior

  • Painted panels ie: Hood, fenders, headlights, bumper, doors 
  • Plastic exterior trim 
  • Rubber exterior trim 
  • Chrome 
  • Aluminum

When to use: When the areas of your vehicle have a noticeable amount of excess wax or hand prints. Prima Hydro is an exceptional and safe solution to revive a glossy, protected look for any exterior’s unique shine.

How to use:

  1. Wash vehicle with Prima Hydro Wash solution (step 1 of 3) 
  2. Apply Prima Hydro Max wax (step 2 of 3) 
  3. Spread around using clean microfiber fiber cloth 
  4. Spray 1-2 sprays Hydro directly unto panel/part 
  5. Enjoy the shine!

Pro tips:
Store Prima Hydroin a cool, dry environment.
Prima Hydro is not intended for use on:

  • Glass 
  • Bare wood interior trim 
  • Interior panels 
  • Instrument clusters 
  • Gas/Brake/Clutch 
  • Pedals (may be slippery) 
  • Cloth seats/convertible roofs
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