Prima Epic Amigo System (exterior)

The perfect system for those looking to step up their car detailing game. The Prima Epic Amigo System includes:




The Prima Epic Amigo System includes everything you need for a thorough auto detail. This comprehensive system takes 4-6 hours to complete, but the results are worth every second!

  • Step 1. Mystique (soap) with a wash mitt or soap cannon
  • Step 2. XL Whale Tail Microfiber (dry)
  • Step 3. Glide (clay bar lubricant) with a clay bar
  • Step 4. Amigo (polish and sealant) with a foam pad OR orbital polisher
  • Step 5. Epic (wax) with an applicator pad or foam pad
  • Step 6. Slick (detail spray) with a Green Mother Fluffer microfiber
  • Step 7. Clarity (glass cleaner) with a J.O.A.T microfiber

The Prima Epic Amigo System includes 16 oz. bottles of:
Prima Mystique – Auto Wash
Prima Mystique is a concentrated, PH-safe wash solution that lubricates the surface and safely lifts dirt. The cleaners in Mystique work to lift and safely remove dirt and grime, without impacting protection or durability. With regular use, you will notice your wax lasting longer.

Prima Glide – Clay Lubricant
Prima Glide is a clay lubricant. Glide creates a very fine, yet essential, layer between clay and the paint. This layer is critical in order for detailing clay to slide across the paint, allowing the removal of contaminants, yet preventing harm to the paint finish.

Prima Amigo – 3-in-1 Polish
Prima Amigo is a unique polymer glaze which allows you to correct and/or fill super-fine surface imperfections then seal them with Prima Epic. It works quite well by hand or with a Porter Cable random orbital polisher running at 4.5 to 5. Prima Amigo removes dust-free, leaving a glossy, slick finish. The polymer in Amigo acts as bonding agent allowing Prima Epic to hold the filler on the paint. It is a perfect fit for softer paints or dark finishes.

Prima Epic – Synthetic Wax
Prima Epic is your new favorite synthetic wax. It is unique to other synthetic waxes in that the look is very wet and glossy. Independent testing proved 25 washes, which is one wash per week for six months, so the durability is outstanding.

Prima Slick – Spray Wax
Prima Slick is a polymer-fortified spray wax. This blend of polymers produce a shimmering, wet-look shine while leaving an extremely slick finish. It leaves your paint with a warm glow and fantastic slickness.

Prima Clarity – Glass Cleaner
Prima Clarity is a powerful PH-balanced glass cleaner without alcohol or ammonia, so it’s it’s safe to use on plexiglass and tinted windows.

& 4 microfiber towels:
(1) XL Whale Tail
(1) Grape Ape
(1) J.O.A.T. (Jack of all Trades)
(1) Green Mother Fluffler

Additional information

Weight130 oz
Dimensions8.75 × 6 × 8 in


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