Prima Banana Slick System (exterior)

The perfect kit to prepare for a car show, or just a quick car detail. The Prima Banana Slick System includes the following products:


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The Prima Banana Slick System is perfect when preparing for a car show or doing a quick car detail. The whole process takes only 2-3 hours to complete and will leave your car looking pristine.

  • Step 1. Mystique (soap) with a wash mitt or soap cannon
  • Step 2. XL Whale Tail microfiber (dry)
  • Step 3. Banana Gloss (wax) with an applicator pad, then J.O.A.T microfiber
  • Step 4. Slick (detail spray) with a Green Mother Fluffer microfiber

The Prima Banana Slick System includes 16 oz. bottles of:
Prima Mystique – Auto Wash
Prima Mystique is a concentrated, PH-safe wash solution that lubricates the surface and safely lifts dirt. The cleaners in Mystique work to lift and safely remove dirt and grime, without impacting protection or durability. With regular use, you will notice your wax lasting longer.

Prima Banana Gloss – Premium Liquid Wax
Prima Banana Gloss is a premium liquid wax with a deep glossy shine. It dries almost instantly, so waxing becomes an easy project. Banana Gloss provides protection and durability, along with amazing depth and shine.

Prima Slick – Spray Wax
Prima Slick is a polymer-fortified spray wax. This blend of polymers produce a shimmering, wet-look shine while leaving an extremely slick finish. It leaves your paint with a warm glow and fantastic slickness.

& 3 microfiber towels:
(1) XL Whale Tail
(1) J.O.A.T. (Jack of all Trades)
(1) Green Mother Fluffler

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Weight70 oz
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