HydraGrip Wash Pro Car Wash Mitt


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Introducing the HydraGrip Wash Pro Car Wash Mitt, engineered from an extra-long pile microfiber material for an unparalleled cleaning experience. With dimensions of 9" x 7", this generously sized mitt is a suds-holding champion, delicately lifting and dislodging dirt from your vehicle's exterior surfaces.


Distinguishable from similar-looking products, our microfiber car mitt boasts a unique composition. Unlike inferior materials with uniform-length fibers in two-tone colors, ours features two distinct lengths and densities. The shorter, denser, white fibers effectively expand and retain suds, while the longer green fibers gently agitate dirt and grime on your car's surface.


For optimal results, pair this microfiber car wash hand mitt with a Grit Guard and Washboard, employing the trusted 2-bucket wash method to ensure a consistently clean pad. After use, easily eliminate any residual residue by blasting the pad with your hose or pressure washer.


Please note: Initially, the high pile microfiber car mitt may feel a bit stiff when taken out of the bag. Simply wet it, wring it out, and give it a few twists to achieve the perfect balance. It will not be too floppy or too stiff, ensuring an ideal washing experience.


Embrace the joy of washing with confidence using the HydraGrip Wash Pro Car Wash Mitt – your reliable companion for achieving sparkling, immaculate results!


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