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Prima Mystique (auto wash solution)

Prima Mystique is a concentrated, PH-safe, but aggressive wash solution that safely removes stubborn dirt and old wax. Mystique is meant to be used before clay bar, polishing, or waxing or if your vehicle has severe dirt/grime build up. The cleaners in Mystique will prep the surface, without impacting your clear-coats longevity.


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Prima Mystique is a concentrated, PH-safe wash solution that lubricates the surface and safely lifts dirt. With regular use, you will notice your wax lasting longer. The cleaners in Mystique work to lift and safely remove dirt and grime, without impacting protection or durability.

APPLICATION: Paint: Wash Soap

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Mix 2-3 ounces of Mystique with approximately two gallons of water. (Optional) Using a clean wash mitt, begin at the top of the vehicle and work down as you wash. Avoid washing in direct sunlight.

Available in:

16 oz. bottle or 1 gallon jug

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Prima Mystique (auto wash solution) – 16 oz. Bottle, Prima Mystique (auto wash solution) – Gallon

1 review for Prima Mystique (auto wash solution)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Shawn Cardamon

    Truly part of an effective system for keeping your finish looking fantastic.

    I’ve been using Prima for over ten years, ever since I purchased my first orbital buffer and called into the owner for advice (thanks again, Nick). Apart from learning a lot within the short conversations we had, I was shown how to really get the most out of the full product line. The entire series is formulated to compliment one another, so I know if I’ve used my best friend Amigo followed up with Epic to make my car look awesome – Mystique will extend the life of that hard work while leaving behind a slick surface which avoids dust collection longer than any wash I’ve ever used (and I have used a ton).

    This being said, don’t make the assumption that a non-Prima waxed/sealed finish will not benefit from Mystique – any car in any condition will stay cleaner longer with Mystique.

    PS – I’m not affiliated or compensated by these words, this is an authentic review, and I appreciate the values behind this product line (if you look at them as I just did you will find the time Nick took ten years ago to coach me tells me why he makes this product is really genuine) – just awesome

    – We believe that anyone can learn to properly detail their car.
    – We believe that our products can inspire people to enjoy taking care of their car.
    – We believe that detailing your car should be fun and not a chore.
    – We believe in great customer service from real people.

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