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Prima Hydro MAX (super polymer spray wax)

Prima Hydro Max is step 2 of 3 of our Hydro wash and shield maintenance system. 3 easy steps to keep your car looking superlative! Hydro Max is a surprisingly durable spray sealant. Hydro Max will not stain or discolor trim or windows. It is safe to use on any non-porous surface. Hydro Max is safe to maintain any wax or ceramic coated vehicle. Its anti-static properties resist dust accumulation, giving you ideal protection. It’s unique structure means your vehicle’s paint finish is left glossy, slick and well-protected.


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Prima Hydro Max is the 2nd step in the Hydro system. Hydro Max is a spray version of Hydro Seal dry and wax. You get the same look and durability in a spray. We've optimized a thinning agent, added surfactant (to help eliminate streaking). The Max polymer structure means your vehicle's paint finish is left glossy, slick and well-protected.

APPLICATION: Paint: Dry and Wax Spray

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Prima Hydro Max is Step 2 of the Prima Hydro system that includes 3 steps. After washing car with Prima Hydro Wash, rinse car thoroughly. While car is still wet, lightly spray PrimaHydro Max over the wet surface. With a new microfiber cloth, carefully dry each section. Avoid using in the direct sun or on hot surfaces.

The Prima Hydro System – 3 easy steps to a perfect finish every time.

Step 1: Prima Hydro Wash

A wash designed specifically to enhance the longevity of your paint.

Step 2: Prima Hydro Max (spray dry and wax) OR Prima Hydro Seal (non-spray dry and wax)

Both leave your vehicle’s finish glossy, slick and well-protected.

Step 3: Prima Hydro

Detail spray to remove any excess product, smudges and fingerprints, and adds anti-static properties to resist dust accumulation.

Available in:

16 oz. bottle or 1 gallon jug

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Prima Hydro MAX – 16 oz. Bottle, Prima Hydro MAX – Gallon

3 reviews for Prima Hydro MAX (super polymer spray wax)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tony LaVigna (verified owner)

    Very easy to use, very versatile, just follow instructions. Fantastic clarity and shine – makes the pearl and metallic on my frost white truck absolutely radiate. Long lasting too, not just a temporary two day shine and bead. Definitely the best I’ve used over many years. Even the sprayer on the bottle is excellent.
    Also works very well on the chrome trim items and gives a nice rich matte look to the plastics and trim, although for longest lasting protection on plastics and rubber I use their Prima Infinity.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ira Rush (verified owner)

    Prima Max is a great long lasting wax. I use this for all my vehicles and our Airstream. So easy to apply and great results that really last.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Jackson A (verified owner)

    I love Hydro Max. It’s perfect for a lazy detailer like myself – it’s easy and fast to apply, you can pretty much get it anywhere with no ill results, and it lasts. I’ve been through a few small bottles and am just about to snag a gallon. Not sure why there isn’t more noise about this product.

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