CrystalGlide Glass Towel


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Meet the ultimate cleaning powerhouse – the CrystalGlide Glass waffle weave cleaning cloth! Trusted by professionals and backed by over a decade of refinement, this 400 GSM microfiber drying towel reigns supreme in the realm of window and mirror cleaning. Say goodbye to towels, baby diapers, or newspapers – nothing beats this.

Unmatched Durability

Don't let a subpar cloth spoil your cleaning spree. Our heavy-duty 400 GSM microfiber drying towel with its innovative waffle-weave design can handle more water and dirt, extending its cleaning power. This means you'll clean longer and achieve streak-free brilliance without the hassle of frequent towel changes.

Streak-Free Guarantee

Bid farewell to streaks and scratches! The [No Streak Freak] boasts a True Microfiber Edge [MicroEdge], meticulously crafted to absorb and clean with every wipe. Unlike towels with non-absorbent silk, cloth, or stitched edges that often leave undesirable streaks or scratches, our design ensures pristine surfaces every time you use it.

Elevate your cleaning game and embrace the superior performance of the CrystalGlide Glass waffle weave cleaning cloth – the professional's choice for flawless, streak-free surfaces!


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